wacky, weird and wonderful
fanclub license plate #1

fanclub license plate #2

fanclub 10th anniversary bash mug

promo aspirin bottle

bon jovi pepsi can

fanclub pen


miniature UK tour Volkswagen cars

foldup New Jersey Tour cardboard binoculars

Johnny Bazookatone video game with Richie and Tico on soundtrack

promo map/invitation to New Jersey premiere party

10th bash balloons

promo US crush beachball (not inflated)

bon jovi Coke can

assorted official keychains (tons of homemade items exist)

keychain from Strictly Sambora fanclub (now defunct)

giant guitar pic sold by fanclub

assorted guitar picks

mylar and tissue paper confetti from US only crush tour (selected cities only)

carnival mirror (given away as prizes)

photobook with photos (binder has photo sleeves)

Richie Sambora model Stratocaster (red 1998)