Vinyl: Albums

7800 Degrees Fahrenheit

US: 824 509-1 M-1

Japan: 28PP-1001

with OBI strip
a second version exists that is identical to this but has a board game and lyric sheet enclosed, this is a promo version never sold at retail

Holland: 824 509-1

Mexico: LPR 19159

US: 824 509-1 M-1
different sticker

Blaze of Glory
Jon Bon Jovi solo

US: 846 473-1
US BMG: 846 473-1
UK: 848 473-1
Tracklist: billy get your guns, miracle, blaze of glory, blood money, santa fe, justice in the barrel, never say die, you really got me now, bang, a drum, dyin' ain't much of a livin', guano city

Bon Jovi

US: 814 982-1 M-1

US Promo: 814 982-1 M-1

Japan: 25PP-119
w/OBI strip

UK: VERL 14   814-982 1

Italy: 814 982-1

Cross Road

UK: 522 936-1
Tracklist: livin' on a prayer, keep the faith, someday i'll be saturday night, always, wanted dead or alive, lay your hands on me, you give love a bad name, bed of roses, blaze of glory, in these arms, bad medicine, i'll be there for you, in & out of love, runaway, never say goodbye

Disorderlies Soundtrack

US: 833 274-1 Y-1

Keep The Faith

US: 514 197-1
Tracklist: i believe, keep the faith, i'll sleep when i'm dead, in these arms, bed of roses, if i was your mother, dry country, woman in love, fear, i want you, blame it on the love of rock & roll, little bit of soul

Kerrang Kompilation

UK: KER 1 ~ EN 26 0635 3

by Message

NOTE: This is Richie's first record

US: M-1000

Tracklist: pessimistic man, swing, lessons, it won't be long, is there love, any other girl

Metal Rage

US: TU 1860

New Jersey

US: 836 345-1
US Promo: 836 345-1
US BMG: 836 345-1
UK: VERH 62~836 345-1
Canada: 836 345-1
Holland: 836 345-1~VERH 62
Russia: A66 00551 008 (red label)
Russia: A66 00551 008 (white label)

Japan: 25PP-258

US picture disc: 836 499-1

This is the silver "mother" used to create vinyl copies of New Jersey
Tracklist: lay your hands on me, bad medicine, born to be my baby, living in sin, blood on blood, homebound train, wild is the wind, ride cowboy ride, stick to your guns, i'll be there for you, 99 in the shade, love for sale

Night Songs
by Cinderella

US picture disc: 832 255-1 M-1

Slippery When Wet

US: 830 264-1 M-1
record and music store version

As Above with a red "R" on the spine is the retailers version (IE: Kmart, Sears, etc.)

US Promo: "R" spine

US picture disc: 830 822-1 M-1

Japan: 28PP-1025

UK: SVLP 093 - 180g virgin vinyl 2000 re-release

UK picture disc: VERHP 38  832-467-1

Canada: 830 264-1

Czechoslovakia: 9113 2053

Greece: 830 264-1~VERH 38

Holland: 830 264-1

Korea: 830 264-/SEL-RP 725

Stranger In This Town
Richie Sambora solo

Holland: 848 895-1
Korea: 848 895-1/RP 3026 -  includes lyric sheet and Korean
Tracklist: rest in peace, church of desire, stranger in this town, ballad of youth, one light burning, mr. bluesman, rosie, river of love, father time, the answer

These Days

US: 528 248-1
Tracklist: hey god, something for the pain, this ain't a love song, these days, lie to me, damned, my guitar lies bleeding in my arms, (it's hard) letting you go, hearts breaking even, something, to believe in, if that's what it takes, diamond ring, all i want is everything, bitter wine

A Very Special Christmas

US: SP 3911


This is Jon's second recording ever. It is a radio station "battle of the bands" compilation which has the original version of Runaway, with none of the other band members. It also has the first recorded work of Twisted Sister.

When Midnight Comes

US: ST-17167